Top Picks for Running Sports Bras

A well-fitted sports bra can significantly enhance your running performance by providing the necessary confidence and support to conquer your training sessions and boost your mileage.


The Ideal Sports Bra for Running

 The optimal sports bras for running are those with high-support features. They should provide a secure fit, minimizing bounce and discomfort while you run. Our selection of running sports bras combines functionality with style, ensuring you receive the necessary support and comfort, along with a trendy design that resonates with the fashion-forward ethos of the running community.

Similar to selecting your running shoes, finding the right sports bra is essential. Avoid relying on old bras tucked away in your drawer from your teenage years. Your body evolves over time, including changes in breast size and shape due to factors like aging, weight fluctuations, or muscle gain. Thus, it's vital to invest in sports bras that fit you properly at every stage of your fitness journey.

With a plethora of sports bra options available online, each offering various styles and levels of support, navigating the selection process can be daunting. To streamline your decision-making, we've curated a list of the best supportive sports bras for running, highlighting key features to consider when making your next sports bra investment.


 High-impact sports bras are recommended for running as proper chest support can help reduce breast movements and exercise-related breast pain. For those who have a smaller chest or prefer a less compressive fit, medium-impact sports bras may be suitable. Smaller bust sizes can opt for medium-support sports bras as they will likely provide ample amount of support and coverage for running, whilst larger cup sizes will need more support to reduce bounce and minimize breast movement

What is the ideal fit for a sports bra?

 A study conducted by Dr. Pechter revealed that a significant portion of women, around 70%, wore ill-fitting bras. It's quite conceivable that a similar proportion of women are also wearing incorrectly sized sports bras for running. Although measuring yourself for the right bra size may seem like a hassle, it's a step worth taking. Not only does wearing the correct size ensure comfort, but it can also enhance your performance. Research indicates that better breast support not only enhances comfort during running but can also lead to reduced oxygen consumption and improved running efficiency. Additionally, a smaller study observed that improved breast support correlated with increased knee stability, which is linked to better running performance, form, and breathing.

 Best Sports Bras for Running

Look no further for the best sports bra for running with our collection of high-support sports bras. Supportive, comfortable, snug, and secure, these are our four best sports bras for running.

Front zip High support bra

The High Support Sports Bra stands out as an excellent choice for runners seeking a lighter feel on top. Unlike many compressive styles, this sports bra combines compression with high support, featuring a convenient front zip design. It's effortless to slip on and head out for your training session. With its sleek appearance and flattering racerback design, it offers excellent chest support, thanks to the wider straps that cover more of your back – a welcome feature for those tired of constant strap slippage. The underband below wraps snugly around your ribcage, ensuring a secure fit throughout your workout.

Ribbed High support bra

The Cross Back Sports Bra is a stunning option for running, boasting an eye-catching design. Its elegant strappy details to the back make it ideal for those who opt to forego the tee and run solely in a sports bra. This hybrid-style sports bra combines adjustable features with a sleek compressive design. It incorporates two cups to provide support and keep your breasts secure against your skin, while its bonded seams ensure zero distractions or chafing during your run.


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